Cách reset modem wifi tenda

When You Run Out of all Options of Troubleshooting & Resetting the Tenda router Seems Logical answers khổng lồ all Your Questions then it’s Common & Normal is for you to seek safe options khổng lồ Rephối Tendomain authority Router back to its mặc định settings so you can install it All over again.

Now Before we start explaining How lớn Erase all existing settings of the Tenda router We Urge you lớn Try All Basic Troubleshooting of the Tenda Router First Because once you start it There is No Going Back.

Take the Bachồng Up of Existing Settings of your Tendomain authority Router. The Good News is that we will Also Provide your Guide On How to set up Tenda Router After Rephối Once We are Done telling You How lớn Restore it.

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lưu ý – Anyone Having DHCP. internet Connection Type Should have No Trouble installing tendomain authority After Reset However if You Have sầu PPP0E Internet Connection Type Then Ask Your Internet Service Provider for installation Credentials because You Would Need it.

Reset Tendomain authority Router lớn Default Settings

Now As we Underst& Notoàn thân Rephối their trang chủ wifi routers for fun So It’s clear that you are having some Troubles With It So let’s Get to lớn it. there is only two Way you can Remix the Tendomain authority Wireless Router –

Restore Default Settings Using the Router Console. Hard Rephối Using Remix Key

We Always Recommover Performing Restore On Router Using the Console First Just to lớn be safe because we want khổng lồ avoid Hardware failures So let’s Try the Rephối With Router Console.

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Router Tendomain authority Router From Tendomain authority Admin Page

make sure Tendomain authority router is connected with a máy tính of điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh Regardless of connection type.

Select Administration Under That Find Device ManagementLook for Factory mặc định & Cliông chồng On Reset then a Pop-Up Will Flot on-screen Asking for Final Confirmation. Click Ok.

Give sầu It Minutes to Erase all the settings & revert it bachồng khổng lồ defaults.Restart the Tendomain authority Router After a Minute và It Should be Ready to be Re-configured.

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Now For Those Who wants a Quichồng Rephối Or have No Clue On How khổng lồ login Tendomain authority Router Admin Pannel Should try this Option-

Hard Reset Tendomain authority Router


Plug the Tenda Router to lớn Power Outlet & locate the Remix key at the back of the Router.Find a Toothpiông chồng Or Paperclip & gently press the remix button at the baông chồng Router & Hold it for the 10-15 Seconds. When you see All Lights Flashing at the front of the Router let the key Go và Restart the Router After a Minutes to lớn Refresh the Router Settings.

Now You Tenda Router is Completely Restored baông chồng khổng lồ default factory settings. feel không tính tiền to lớn Reconfigure it.

Do let us know via comments if you have Any Other Problem With Tenda Router. We Swear to Respond Swiftly