Android system webview

If you want to deliver a website application (or just a website page) as a part of aclient application, you can vì chưng it usingWebView. The WebView class is anextension of's View class that allowsyou to display web pages as a part of your activity layout. It does notinclude any features of a fully developed website browser, such as navigationcontrols or an address bar. All that WebView does, by mặc định, is show a webpage.

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A comtháng scenario in which using WebView is helpful is when you want toprovide information in your ứng dụng that you might need to lớn update, such as anend-user agreement or a user guide. Within your phầm mềm, you can create anActivity that contains a WebView, thenuse that khổng lồ display your document that's hosted online.

Another scenario in which WebView can help is if your app provides data lớn theuser that always requires an Internet connection to lớn retrieve data, such asgmail. In this case, you might find that it's easier to build a WebView inyour phầm mềm that shows a web page with all the user data, rather thanperforming a network request, then parsing the data và rendering it in layout. Instead, you can kiến thiết a web page that's tailored for tiennghich.mobidevices và then implement a WebView in your phầm mềm that loads the webpage.

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This document shows you how khổng lồ get started with WebView and how khổng lồ vì someadditional things, such as handle page navigation & bind JavaScript from yourweb page to client-side code in your ứng dụng.

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Adding a WebView lớn your app

To add a WebView khổng lồ your app, you can either include the element in your activity layout, or phối the entire Activity window as aWebView inonCreate().

Adding a WebView in the activity layout

To add a WebViewkhổng lồ your ứng dụng in the layout, add the following code khổng lồ youractivity's layout XML file:

To load a web page in the WebView, useloadUrl(). Forexample:


val myWebView: WebView = findViewById("")


WebView myWebView = (WebView) findViewById(;myWebView.loadUrl("");

Adding a WebView in onCreate()

To add a WebView lớn your app in an activity’s onCreate() method instead, usengắn gọn xúc tích similar to the following:


val myWebView = WebView(activityContext)setContentView(myWebView)


WebView myWebView = new WebView(activityContext);setContentView(myWebView);
Then load the page with: