Lỗi Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet

Recently, while working on a small worksheet in Excel, I tried to insert a new row. Up popped an annoying error message, “Cannot shift objects off sheet.” Here’s how I investigated the problem, & fixed it with a simple keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + 6

Here is the pop-up message that appeared on my screen.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi cannot shift objects off sheet

Excel error: Cannot shift objects off sheet

In later versions of Excel you might see this error message: “Can’t push objects off the sheet”

Excel error: Can’t push objects off the sheet

Video: Fix Cannot Shift Objects Error

This video clip shows the steps lớn fix the problem, and the time-saving shortcut. There are written steps below the đoạn Clip.

View a List of Objects

It was odd – as far as I knew, the worksheet didn’t have sầu any objects or comments, và only a few rows. What was causing the problem? Maybe there were some hidden shapes that I’d added, & forgotten about, or a bình luận tucked in a dark corner.

To see what’s on a sheet in Excel 2007, you can use the Selection và Visibility Pane.

Cliông chồng the Home tab on the Ribbon.At the far right, click Find và Select, then cliông chồng Selection Pane.
Find & Select commvà on Excel Ribbon

It lists all the visible and hidden shapes on the worksheet, including comments, & a data validation drop down. Visible objects have an eye inhỏ at the right, & hidden objects have sầu an empty inhỏ.

Selection and Visibility Pane

In this example, there’s a comment, data validation drop down, and a Bevel shape on the worksheet.

A Fix For Excel 2007

However, in my problem workbook the Selection Pane danh sách was empty. The old Properties fix wouldn’t work, because there were no objects khổng lồ change.

Fortunately, a tìm kiếm of MSKB turned up an article with the solution:

http://tư vấn.microsoft.com/kb/211769

Method 1 solved the problem for me – in Excel Options, change the workbook Display setting for objects, from Nothing (hide objects) khổng lồ All.

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The keyboard shortcut lớn toggle this setting is Ctrl + 6 – much quicker than opening the Excel Options window.


Problem solved, and I’ve sầu had no more trouble inserting rows.

If that didn’t work for your Excel worksheet, try changing the object properties, as described in the next section.

Change the Object Properties

In older versions of Excel, this problem usually occurred if you tried lớn insert columns & there was a bình luận hidden in one of the columns to the right.

To fix the problem in those versions:

If the comment isn’t showing, right-cliông xã the cell with the comment, & cliông xã Show/Hide CommentRight-cliông chồng on the border of the bình luận, và cliông xã Format CommentClichồng the Properties tab (if you only see a Font tab, cliông xã Cancel, và try again — be sure to lớn click the phản hồi border, not inside the comment)For Object Positioning,choose Move sầu và kích thước with cellsOR, choose Move sầu but don’t kích cỡ with cellsCliông xã OK, lớn apply the change
Format Comment dialog box – object positioning

More Solutions to lớn Cannot Shift Objects

Thanks for adding your comments below, & here are other solutions lớn this problem, based on those comments.

Greg found & deleted 4 comments, and that solved the problem in his workbook. To find the comments, he clicked the nhận xét tab at the top of Excel. Then, in the Comments group, he clicked the Next button.In newer versions of Excel, clichồng the down arrow in the Notes group, then select Next cảnh báo.

Working with Shapes and Objects

For more information on working with Excel Shapes, and some of the problems you can encounter, visit the Delete or Hide Objects/Controls page on Ron de Bruin’s web site.________________________

Solved the message during Auto-filtering simply by using the Comment finder (Review tab/Comments section/Next button)in version 2007, and deleting 4 Comments.Something khổng lồ vì chưng with Comments apparently conflicts with hidden rows.Worked perfectly afterwards.Regards