Work with microsoft office files

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After installing Google Drive for desktop, your Google Drive appears as a virtual drive on your PC so you can easily open và save Office documents on Google Drive sầu. Dave Johnson/Insider

How to lớn upload Office files khổng lồ Google Drive

If you have sầu Office documents stored locally on your computer, you can upload them to Google Drive for storage và online editing. There are a few ways lớn vày this:

If you"ve sầu already installed Google Drive sầu for desktop (see the previous section), you can open the virtual Google Drive thư mục và the Office documents folders on the desktop và copy or move the files between the two locations.You can also upload the files via a web browser. xuất hiện Google Drive in a browser window. Clichồng "New" and then choose "File upload." Select one or more files from your computer & they"ll be uploaded to your Google Drive sầu.Finally, you can drag & drop with a browser. Open Google Drive in a browser window. File the file or files you want to upload, và drag them lớn the Google Drive in your browser. Release them in the thư mục you want to store them in.

You can easily upload Office documents lớn Google Drive using a web browser. Dave sầu Johnson/Insider

How to lớn edit Office documents in Google Drive

You can open any Office document in Google Drive sầu. xuất hiện a Word file in Google Docs, for example, & Google will automatically import the tệp tin, usually retaining all formatting. When you vị this, multiple people can open & edit Office documents in Google Drive sầu simultaneously, as if it were an ordinary Google Doc.

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Moreover, if you later open that document in Office, it will retain all the edits & comments that were added in Google Drive sầu.

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If you prefer lớn convert the tệp tin khổng lồ a Google Doc permanently (in case you no longer use Microsoft Office), open the file in a Google Drive app and then click "File." In the File thực đơn dropdown, choose "Save As Google Docs" (or Google Sheets or Google Slides, depending upon which phầm mềm you are using).

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You can save an Office doc as a Google Doc. Dave sầu Johnson/Insider

How lớn chia sẻ a Google Doc with someone using Microsoft Office

If you are collaborating with someone who only uses Office, you can mô tả a Google Doc with that person in Office format.

mở cửa the tệp tin you want to lớn tóm tắt in a Google Drive phầm mềm.Clichồng "File," & in the dropdown menu choose "E-Mail this tệp tin."In the gmail window, click the dropdown (it"s set lớn "PDF" by default) and choose "Microsoft Word."Address the email and cliông xã "Send."

If you need lớn nói qua a Google Doc with someone in an Office format, you can skết thúc it in the necessary format from Google Drive. Dave Johnson/Insider
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