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a game by Ubisoft Divertissements Inc.
Platforms: XBox 360, XBox One, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 28 votes
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Even though it"s one of Ubisoft"s best selling franchises, Assassin"s Creed II remains to be one of the most popular in the Assassin"s Creed series. This series of semi-historical games has improved incredibly over the years, but there"s something special about going baông chồng here. Maintaining many of the elements present in the first game, Assassin"s Creed II could be one of the best in the series. So, what is it about?

About the game

Just like in the first game, the game alternates between past & modern times. We travel baông xã in time khổng lồ Renascentist Italy, where we"ll play as a young man called Ezio Auditore. Starting from the moment he"s born, we immediately make a connection with this character và his life. Ezio lives a privileged life with his family until tragedy knocks at their door.


For reasons still unknown to us, the Auditore family is betrayed and accused of serious crimes. These accusations lead lớn all his family being executed. Ezio escaped this destiny, và now he"s out lớn avenge his family, but the enemy is way too svào. As Ezio makes his way into finding the culprit of the death of his family he"ll learn about the big conspiracy. He"ll find that things go way beyond his family, as he becomes an Assassin.

Ezio"s now pretty much the new starting flame of the Assassins in his tìm kiếm for revenge. He"ll also meet historical characters like Machiavelli & Leonardo domain authority Vince, who will become a cchiến bại friend và ally in Ezio"s journey.

As for the modern timeline, we keep discovering more about the modern-day Assassins & Templars. Things get more và more tangled as the search for the Apples of Eden continues. But saying more than this would be spoiling the game, so let-s leave sầu it at that.

Better in every way

The great thing about Assassin"s Creed II is that it takes everything that made the first one great và made it much better. While you could argue that the first Assassin"s Creed game was lacking variety this one was full of it. Countryside towns, big & beautiful cities, action, different types of missions, customizable weapons và more. New mechanics were implemented, & the parkour mechanics were improved. It only makes sense that they made two more games with Ezio as the main character after this.


Assassin"s Creed II is the best example of how to lớn make a sequel right. Removing the unnecessary elements and improving the existing ones. But they didn"t stop there, for there are plenty of new mechanics & more fluid gameplay.


Even the story of the game is much better & more personal. We get khổng lồ understand and care about our main character. Where Altair was distant và mysterious, Ezio is familiar và cthua. The characters feel much more alive, and so does the world. This is not only a story about revenge, but also a mystery lớn solve sầu và a huge adventure khổng lồ go explore.

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Graphics và Visuals: This game has a beautiful world-building. Very detailed recreation of historical buildings và places. It"s a visually pleasing game with great animations and graphics. The character kiến thiết & the artistic part of this game are simply beautiful. Just like in the game, this is also a renascence for gaming.

Sound: The soundtraông xã in Assassin"s Creed II remains excellent khổng lồ this day. Some of the themes like Ezio"s Family are still being used in the series. Composer Jesper Kyd did an amazing job with this game, it"s probably one of the best soundtracks in gaming history.