Recommendation On The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

Discover AI—a portfolio of AI services designed for developers & data scientists. Take advantage of the decades of breakthrough retìm kiếm, responsible AI practices, and flexibility that AI offers to lớn build & deploy your own AI solutions. Access high-quality vision, speech, language, and decision-making AI models through simple API calls, và create your own machine learning models with tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Visual Studio Code, and open-source frameworks lượt thích TensorFlow and PyTorch.

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Discover 10 guidelines for developing AI responsibly. Join AI experts from and BCG at the Responsible AI digital sự kiện. Register now. Applied AI Services Cognitive Services Machine Learning AI infrastructure

Specialized AI services for specific business scenarios

Modernize business processes with task-specific AI to solve for common scenargame ios. Accelerate development with built-in business xúc tích và ngắn gọn that enables you to lớn launch solutions in days—not months. Run responsibly anywhere with security that extends from the cloud khổng lồ intelligent edge.

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A comprehensive sầu family of customizable cognitive sầu APIs for vision, speech, language, and decision making

Easily access sophisticated AI models, including OpenAI models, with the most comprehensive sầu portfolio of AI capabilities on the market. Build confidently with the first AI services to lớn achieve human parity in computer vision, speech, and language. Deploy anywhere from the cloud to lớn the edge with containers. Get started quickly & customize solutions to lớn meet your own chất lượng requirements.

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An end-to-over platsize for building, training, and deploying machine learning models

Create and deploy models at scale using automated & reproducible machine learning workflows. Innovate responsibly with a rich set of built-in responsible capabilities to lớn help you understand, protect, & control data, models và processes. Build your way with best-in-class tư vấn for open-source frameworks and languages including MLflow, Kubeflow, ONNX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Python, and R.

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Advanced, large-scale AI infrastructures và innovative training tools

Access large-scale infrastructure with hyper-clusters of thousands of state-of-the-art GPUs, providing AI accelerations that are interconnected with the lathử nghiệm high-bandwidth networks inside of every hệ thống. Enable hybrid và multi-cloud deployments with Arc-enabled Kubernetes. Access a breadth of AI hardware with specialized hardware lượt thích FPGAs, the most comprehensive set of GPUs, and an array of general-purpose CPUs.

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Build on your terms

Access frameworks, tools, and capabilities for developers & data scientists of any skill màn chơi.

Deploy mission-critical AI solutions

Use the same proven AI services that power AI capabilities in Xbox, HoloLens, và Teams.

Apply AI responsibly

Get tools, services, and guidelines khổng lồ help you use AI responsibly, while also preserving data privacy, transparency, & trust.


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"We've always been sitting on a lot of data, but we needed và AI lớn unloông chồng its potential and find the interesting nuggets in those billions of data points."

Charlie Rohlf: Associate Vice President, Stats Technology Product DevelopmentNational Basketball Association


"Only offered the proven, cutting-edge technologies & models that have been trained on data sets on a very large scale & are available completely disconnected.... All of this accelerates our time lớn market, and that has been the key differentiator for us."

Marcel Rummens: Product Owner of Internal AI Platform


"We believe that we can vày so much more by using AI khổng lồ read our documentation, khổng lồ read more fields on that, & khổng lồ read handwritten info, and lớn use that AI engine to deliver better taxpayer value, to deliver better outcomes, and deliver better patient safety."

Michael Brodie: Chief Executive, NHS

Walgreens Boots Alliance

"Because of the work had already put inkhổng lồ developing the Healthcare Bot service, we were able to put our COVID-19 response chatbot into production in less than a week."

Ankur Jain: Principal Architect, Digital Engineering, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Nestlé Global Security Operations Center

"MLOps is at the core of our sản phẩm. Because of its reproducible ML pipelines, reusable environments for mã sản phẩm training, versioned và registered models, & automatic Model scoring, we're definitely detecting things that we missed before. Which, in terms of risk management, is really, really important."

Ignađam mê Paredes-Oliva: Lead Data Scientist


"We're building a voice service for all our diverse audiences. gives us the opportunity to lớn deliver what we see is the future of nội dung."

Ian Walker: Head of Communications, Digital, BBC
Machine learning Knowledge mining Conversational AI Document process automation Machine translation Speech transcription

Machine learning

Only empowers you with the most advanced machine learning capabilities. Quickly & easily build, train, and deploy your machine learning models using Machine Learning và Databricks. Use the latest tools lượt thích Jupyter and Visual Studio Code, alongside frameworks like PyTorch Enterprise, TensorFlow, and Scikit-Learn. Expvà your data science teams and create models faster with low-code & no-code tools lượt thích automated machine learning và a drag-and-drop interface. Plus, easily deploy at scale with Kubernetes Service (AKS) và optimize machine learning inferencing with ONNX Runtime.

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Start building machine learning solutions today with these resources

Knowledge mining

Uncover latent insights from all your content—documents, images, & media—with Cognitive sầu Search. Using the only cloud tìm kiếm service with built-in AI capabilities, discover patterns and relationships in your content, underst& sentiment, extract key phrases & more.

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Conversational AI

Develop enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences while maintaining control of your data with Bot Service. Build multilingual và multimodal bots for nearly any scenario—from sales lớn customer tư vấn to lớn employee productivity.

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Document process automation

Turn documents inkhổng lồ usable data at a fraction of the time and cost by automating information extraction with Form Recognizer. Accelerate document processing to accurately extract text, key-value pairs, tables, structures, và other actionable information from your documents.

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Machine translation

Support a wide range of use cases, including translation for hotline centers, web page localization, enterprise internal communications, and e-discovery. Translate text và documents in real time or in batches across more than 100 languages & dialects using the latest innovations in neural machine translation.

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Speech transcription

Transcribe speech lớn text with high accuracy, produce natural-sounding text-to-speech voices, and translate spoken audio with Speech service.